RealForexRobot™​​​: Strategies List
At the moment,  9 types of trading strategies have already been collected. 

28 trading algorithms for 12 different financial instruments have been created on their basis.​
Each algorithm was 
developed, according to all system design rules to avoid 
over-optimization and get a robust strategy.​
The collection selects only algorithms that pass backtests on the largest possible interval of historical data, on average 10-18 years.​
All algorithms are available for testing and evaluation. You can get the RealForexRobot™ Constructor Mode and set files of the strategies.
By and large, RealForexRobot™​​ is all you need for successful automatic trading, as you get diversification for various types of strategies:  scalper strategies,  medium-term strategies,  trend-following strategies,  mean-reversion strategies,  e.t.c.  Also, in your arsenal, there will be both currencies and metals, any symbols. In fact, RealForexRobot™​​ is an infinitely scalable portfolio of dozens of advisers, at the price of one.
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