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Multifunctional trading robot for Metatrader 4

About RealForexRobot

RealForexRobot is a multi-functional tool for Metatrader 4 having a set of strategies for diversifying at a high level. It is completely transparent: forget about robots with incomprehensible inner logic. Here you know exactly how and why a strategy works. Use strategies, not "black boxes".

You are able to develop custom trading strategies with no programming skills. RealForexRobot is simple, convenient and efficient. The robot has eight built-in basic patterns. However, since each pattern features a flexible settings system, you are able to develop completely different trading strategies based on a single pattern.

Automate your trading in four steps:

  1. Select several strategies available with RealForexRobot from the list.
  2. Develop your own algorithms if necessary.
  3. Conduct all necessary tests and assemble the strategy portfolio.
  4. Launch the portfolio on VPS or your PC.
RealForexRobot is a software solution that allows the user to use automatic trading strategies. But, no part of this product, as well as documentation, can be considered as any promise or guarantee of profit.
Financial markets carry risks to your investments. Lev Bulochnik is not responsible to users of the RealForexRobot for the results of their independent activity in the financial market.
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